Bio: I am 23 years old. Right now I'm a 4rth year student of mining engineering. I take pictures in my free time, at meetings with friends, in family moments, all the time. I prefer traditional photography, that's why my website's name is "darkroom". I own 5 cameras, one digital (sony alpha 380 in a very poor condition) and 4 traditional (conica minolta, 2 smenas and zenit). My goal is to collect money and buy a full-frame Canon. I like to travel outside my country and observe how do people live in other cultures. I like to be on the road. I admire writers such as Tołstoj, Bułhakov, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Dumas, Nabokov, Jack London, Charles Bukovski, Stephen King. I often go to music festivals around my country (Poland). Music is very important to me. I listen to classic rock, blues, funk, electronic, jazz, almost every kind of it. I dream about getting my own gramophone by Technics.. and some day I will. I love old american pony cars: ford thunderbird, dodge challenger and plymouth fury. My goal is to take a ride on one of those. I have a few dreams: most of them regards travels - Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Peru. Right now I'm finishing my masters degree at Mining Geomechanics and Underground Construction.

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