The beginning: hopes, plans, pictures.

I’ve had a few blogs up to now. Each created in specific period of my life and each portaying events, places and people important to me. I must admit I created quite a mess. I can never show anybody my real photographic portfolio. All I have is a lame facebook page – I wanted to popularize the fact that I take pictures among my friends and acquaintances. I was hoping for maybe cooperation propositions. Didn’t really work out. I have a few followers but not much.

I read a lot of blogs – I know that it is not that hard to get popular in web for photographers. I have been reading for a long time Nirrimi or Bart, for instance. All it takes is your motivation, good pictures and a few words of comment. I intend to speak trough images. I believe these affect people much more than words. Especially in present times, when mobile media are everywhere images have grown a strong position. I am aware of it.

Since now there will be a lot of posts appearing on blog, because there are some old pictures which I find worthy to upload. I will systematize them and organise in some kind of accesible way. I have to figure out how to do that.

Some posts will be regarding my life or my thoughts, if there will be any reflections worth sharing – I’ll post them here. I hope I will create a space with good vibe and get attention. I am open to any kinds of cooperation: projects, ideas, travels, anything at all. I live in Poland, but that is not an obstacle.


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