Minolta: Przemyśl and Arboretum Bolestraszyce

Przemyśl is 80 kilometers away from my hometown. Some of my ancestors used to live there. I find it beautiful, diverse and appealing. City lies about 10 kilometers from ukrainian borderline. Trough all the times it was a important spot on a polish map. City used to be an economical, historical and religious centre of the region. Przemyśl is exeptional because it has grown where a few cultures mix – polish, jewish, ukrainian and others. It is very beautifully situated among hills. I often visit the city because the most sweet and compelling person I know lives there – my boy. An interesting fact is, that that’s the city with the biggest number of churches per square meter. There’s really a lot of them – protestant, catholic, jewish, eastern orthodox.

Note: Color pictures taken in Arboretum Bolestraszyce (Botanic garden in Bolestraszyce)


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