Ghosts and Stripes in old mansions’ ruins

The tradition reactivated, when we all gathered in Rzeszów, after finishing studying. Some of Us are going away, some are already working, others just traveling and relaxing.

But still, we feel like we have lots of stuff in common and millions of hours of conversations to make up for.

This time we went to see old mansions’ ruins in Cieszacin Wielki, next to



Vilnius 2015

Vilnius is a spacious, beautiful and surprising city. A lot of cosy and narrow streets, richly decorated churches, old castles (Trakai!) and interesting museums (for example The KGB Museum). It was quite cold, definitely colder than Poland same time of year. Definitely worth it.

If you were ever considering visit in Vilnius – go ahead. There’s really a lot to see, not only the obvious, touristic antiques. There’s much more. Like A. Pushkin Literary Museum, The Amber Museum, The A. Mickiewicz Museum. It is a dream come true for literature maniac as myself.

Minolta: Norway 2015 part I

This year I also visited Norway. Same purpose as last time. We were mostly working, but there was still time for pleasures such as walking among those beautiful mountains and soaking with the landscapes. The air in Norway tastes much more better. That’s the first film from Norway, one more to go. Can’t wait to finish it so I can share it with you all. This was a really good summer. Even tough sometimes pretty tough. Lately I have been quite humble with my photography work.. gonna change it for sure. Gonna get back to the roots and things I enjoy the most.

Minolta: Norway I

Norway astonished me. This was the very first time I saw this country with my own eyes. There is so much to tell so I don’t know what to begin with.

I spend almost a month there. In whole Norway live as much people as in polish Mazowieckie region. Even in the smallest and farest villages, there have all: electricity, markets, doctors, schools, even if it is for 50 people. Country takes great care of its inhabitants.

The landscapes are breathtaking. This is first of three films I made while I was in Norway. I will develop next very soon. These are the landscapes we’ve experienced while driving to Trondheim. We practically were chasing the day – the sunset. It was an amazing journey. I felt like a child, looking at all these beauties with big, shining eyes.

Personal photography portfolio.